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Modular LED Sign Technology

Introducing the future of modular sign technology, which is completely scalable and configurable for any size and resolution.

LED technology platform is comprised primarily of the cabinet, interchangeable LED modules, and a standardized power supply.

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LED Signs & Displays Transform the Spaces

With LED signage, digital information can now be delivered on almost any surface or open space imaginable.  Text, images, and video, as well as full-color, full-motion, are used to convey important information and to provide lavish entertainment throughout our lives. Sports events, corporate presentations, and live entertainment are enhanced with vivid big-screen graphics, live video, scores, and replays. 

Digital advertising displays capture attention with exciting content that drives buying behavior for sale items and high-margin brands. Video walls transform available wall space into engaging and informative visual points of interest or an access point for obtaining important information.

These applications are just a few examples of how our high-quality and easily-managed indoor LED displays are revolutionizing everyday visual experiences. 

Colorful LED Displays in High Definition that Deliver Impressive Contrast from Any Distance

Full-color LED displays are ideal for showing pictures, video, animation, and text that engages and beautifies while also being easy to read.

P5 Indoor Series
P2.5 Indoor Series
P1.75 Indoor Series


5-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty &
2-Year Labor Support

Every outdoor LED sign comes standard with a 5-year Warranty and 2-year Technical Support unless otherwise specified.

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