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Contribuited by Aphrodite
Modular LED Sign Technology

Introducing the future of modular sign technology, which is completely scalable and configurable for any size and resolution.

LED technology platform is comprised primarily of the cabinet, interchangeable LED modules, and a standardized power supply.

Hi-Resolution Outdoor Advertising

It is possible to create the largest, most elaborate, and most creative outdoor displays with LED sign technology. There have never been so many options for marketing a business outdoors. The choice is vast, ranging from simple, small digital price signs to high-resolution billboards.


With the modular platform, you can expand and reconfigure sizes, as well as resolutions, whenever you want, regardless of the environment.

The benefits to the industry of professional outdoor signs

The modular and flexible design of the platform creates unrivalled business efficiencies. Quickly configure many custom design solutions from just a few common components kept on hand. No need to wait for weeks on end while specialty products are manufactured and shipped.

Easily install custom sign solutions that operate perfectly without the need complex engineering work-arounds. Provide immediate service, repairs, and upgrades for all your customer installations using familiar and integrated components.

Display Options that Balance Resolution and Brightness

LED Outdoor Series enable optimal sign design for targeting customers from different distances.

  •  P10 LED Outdoor Series

  •  P8 LED Outdoor Series

  •  P6 LED Outdoor Series


5-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty & 2-Year Labor Support

Every outdoor LED sign comes standard with a 5-year Warranty and 2-year Technical Support unless otherwise specified.

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