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Implementing a modular process  

Each LCD component is integrated with an aluminum alloy frame that is designed to be lightweight. The unique proprietary aspects of the system allow for unlimited scalability. Using locking ports included in the cabinet sections, it is possible to construct a variety of shapes, such as squares, rectangles, tall, wide, and even double-sided displays.

Both indoor and outdoor systems are equipped with the same unibody cabinets. The sections have all been vented to ensure optimal temperature control, regardless of the resolution.

Installing and maintaining these modular and familiar cabinets is fast and easy, making troubleshooting, replacing sections, swapping parts, and upgrading simple. Both power and data cables can be run internally or externally. Multiple cabinets can share power and data sources or they can be separated.

Compatible and Interchangeable LED Modules

High-quality LED screens provide reliable performance. LED modules allow information to be presented with the right amount of light, color, and interaction. LED modules can be selected for every environment, viewing distance, size, and resolution.

Water-resistant LED modules prevent moisture-related rust and short circuits. We use the finest LED bulbs in our LED Modules to provide consistent color accuracy for many years.

Image by Stackie Jia
Universal Video Card

The universal video card is a component of digital display solutions. It is the key to the signature feature and drives the 16-bit, 256-color platform that can generate millions of colors. Using a universal video card, up to 12 LED modules can be controlled simultaneously, allowing all necessary interactions between multiple modules to operate seamlessly.

Program Control & Software

Software and the network-based Control Card handle digital presentations for displays. The Control Card stores all the programming schedules, formats, and default programs. The control card's network connection allows real-time access to media files used in display presentations. Media file formats supported by Control Cards include .jpeg, .png, .tiff, .avi, .mp4, .gif, and others.

There are just a few easy steps involved in creating and uploading LED advertisements. Users can import photos, add text, set transition effects, and adjust the time for each frame of a presentation using the software application. After the presentation has been completed, it can be uploaded quickly and easily.


Using the included presentation software is similar to using PowerPoint. Our experts provide remote training and expert guidance to help users through the programming process step-by-step if needed!

An additional expansion of the system is handled by the control cards. The cards can communicate with brightness and temperature sensors to initiate programmed logic. Easily integrates with popular graphics and presentation software, such as PhotoShop, PowerPoint, and Canva.

Additional software packages can even be added to enhance display presentations.


Upgrade with Ease Whenever You Feel the Need

Aphrodite LED signs have the distinct advantage of being able to be easily upgraded at any time. For larger signs, additional sections can be added. Modify modules to generate a taller, wider, or double-sided sign. Aphrodite's LED sign platform eliminates the need for starting from scratch every time a new sign is required, as it is fully scalable and upgradeable. You can expect long-term value from your investment in LED signs.


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High-Performance in 
Harshest Environment

LED Displays can operate in any environment flawlessly. Each system component is UL Listed and meets or exceeds safety requirements. Our LED signs are regularly tested for safety and efficiency, ensuring they function smoothly round the clock, providing a reliable solution that is a pleasure to own.


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